About Us

By Bryce Crage – Founder


The goal of Suburb Run is to make running a little more interesting and adventurous, as well as discover the beautiful world around us. I want to help people become more active and live a healthier life, in their own time and at their own pace.


Suburb Run came about as I never really identified myself as a runner and it wasn't until I ran with a map for the first time that my eyes were opened. For me, it gave running a purpose. I could run much further than I ever would have thought possible and I got to discover so many new places I had never seen before. My goal wasn't to run non-stop; it was to find the next ‘control’, the one just around the corner, and to do that as efficiently as possible. My running improved, as did my health.


It was simple – I was running with a purpose.


I found that running in new locations kept me mentally focused; I never got lost because I always had a map. I realised that I could do this activity pretty much anywhere and I am hoping that I will be able to create courses in every country around the world. It would be wonderful to make Suburb Run a real global community so that wherever you are, you can discover new places and maintain your fitness.


It is an activity that everyone is able to participate in: children, adults, families, dog walkers, parents with prams, people in wheelchairs, novice runners to Olympic athletes, work colleagues, individuals or teams. Everyone... including you!


Suburb Run is not a competition or a club (although you are able to make it as competitive as you wish!)  You won't find us at the start line; we are providing the content which enables you to get out and find an enjoyable course near you!


The official launch date of the site was 1 January 2017. We are eager to grow and will be continuously looking for ways to improve our courses and make Suburb Run enjoyable, so if you have any ideas and/or feedback please contact us using one of the links below. Similarly, if you need any help or have any questions please reach out to us. We are working towards the site having a mobile app for launch or shortly there after so stay tuned for details on that.


I hope to see you run past me on a course someday soon! 


Bryce Crage