Garmin - GPX Export Guide


This guide makes the assumption that you have a Garmin device and are using Garmin Connect in conjunction with your device.


  1. Sync your device with Garmin Connect
  2. Login to Garmin Connect
  3. Depending on how your dashboard is setup either:
    • navigate to the activities list via the left hand menu system and then open the relevant activity, or
    • open the relevant activity directly from your dashboard.
  4. In the top right corner of the activity screen press the cog for more options and on the menu that is shown click “Export to GPX”
  5. A GPX file will download to your computer – remember where it is saved to
  6. On Suburb Run go to the course page which you wish to upload your GPX to and click the “Upload Activity” button
  7. On the popup click the “Click to select activity to upload” button, navigate to your downloaded file and select it
  8. Fill in the relevant details and then press “Upload” button


You’re done! Your GPX from your Garmin device is now uploaded against the course you undertook.